Know Your Rights: On a Public Works Project

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 9 investigates violations of prevailing wage laws on public works construction projects. We can assist you with filling a public works complaint if you have information that your employer committed any of the following violations:

• Unpaid prevailing wages, including unreported hours.

• Unpaid overtime, including overtime prevailing wage rates required for weekends and holidays.

• Unpaid travel reimbursements or benefits, such as medical, 401(k) plans, enhanced unemployment or other benefits.

• Misclassification: for example, if you are a sheet metal worker your employer cannot reclassify you as a laborer for unloading trucks or cleaning up the jobsite and pay you a lower wage rate for such work. You must be paid the sheet metal worker rate for all hours of work you performed on the project.

• Paychecks returned due to insufficient funds.

Who can file a wage claim?

Anyone working in Colorado can file a wage claim, even if you are paid under the table in cash or do not have papers to work. Labor laws protect all workers, regardless of immigration status. If you contact us, we will not ask about your immigration status, and it is against the law for your employer to threaten you because you don’t have papers.

Do you have questions about the correct prevailing wage rate, or if the jobsite that you are working on now is a public works project?

What about that project that you worked on 6 months ago for your ex-employer?

Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 9 has investigators that will answer all of your questions and help you reclaim your stolen wages free of charge. You do not have to be a union member and you will not be asked to join the union for this free service.

All inquiries will remain confidential (secret), and a bi-lingual interpreter can be provided if needed. Filling out the contact form below is the 1st step to protecting you from suffering a lifetime of having your wages stolen from you and your family.