Why Join?

SMART is a labor union made up of 200,000-plus hard-working men and women in the U.S. and Canada. Our members are your friends and neighbors. They work as bus drivers, in manufacturing plants, railroads, shipyards and the HVAC/sheet metal Industry. SMART members benefit from set pay standards and workplace protections outlined in collective bargaining agreements. It is our collective bargaining power that allows us to negotiate fair and equitable contracts with employers. This basic right gives our members more power than trying to negotiate as individuals, allowing for higher wages, better benefits, safe working conditions and a voice at work.

Better Wages and Benefits

How unions impact wages – You deserve more. We believe you’ve earned and deserve better pay at work, and SMART members see and feel the difference in their paychecks every day. By coming together in a union, we gain collective strength and power to negotiate higher wages and better benefits at the bargaining table. Union members on average earn 27% more than our nonunion counterparts.

Workplace Safety & Keeping Workers Safe

Does your workplace feel unsafe? You don’t have to work in danger – you should go to work knowing that you will come home safe at the end of the day. Our collective power allows us to negotiate contracts that have strong and enforceable safety language; in many cases, going beyond what’s in laws and regulations. We strive to protect SMART members through training, enforcement and contract negotiations to ensure every member’s safety.

Work-life Balance

Work shouldn’t control our existence. Do you need more predictable hours, better access to education, advancement opportunities or better family leave when needed? When you’re a member of SMART, your contract protects you by clearly spelling out your work hours, training requirements, advancement procedures and how you can take time off. 

You deserve a life outside of work. SMART members have access to discounts on theme park tickets to have some fun, mortgage and real estate services, auto insurance, lower-cost cellular service and so much more! SMART is there for you no matter what part of your life you’re in.

Employee Rights and Workplace Equality

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace – SMART contracts ensure all working people, no matter their race, gender or sexuality, get a fair opportunity in the workplace. Women in unionized workplaces make almost 10% more than their nonunion counterparts, and transparency in a union contract can prevent discrimination in raises and promotions. Additionally, non-discrimination clauses in contracts ensure that union workers have protections that go beyond what is contained in law.

The Right to Retire

What does your future look like? SMART makes it a top priority to ensure our members have the financial security they need to retire with dignity. Our contracts have retirement plans you can count on in the future, and we fight to keep these plans strong. Sometimes, when you’re just starting out, it can be hard to see the importance of planning for your retirement. That’s why we work hard to ensure members have access to strong retirement plans.  After decades of hard work, you deserve the rest and relaxation that comes with a secure retirement.

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