sheet metal work

Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal

The term “sheet metal” refers to any metal that can be formed into flat pieces of varying thicknesses. Using specialized tools, these skilled craftspersons take ordinary types of flat metal and make them into specialized products for various duct and ventilation systems, as well as architectural and specialized metal fabrication. Members of the trade are proud of its special distinction: They not only build; they create.

Why Become a SMART Sheet Metal Worker?

The SMART Union defends the rights of its members to a voice on the job, dignity at work, and a seat across from the boss at the bargaining table.  We will fight alongside you for a Union Contract that holds your employer accountable for higher wages, retirement benefits, and affordable health insurance, seniority and job posting rights, and your ability hold your employer to standards of fairness and equity.

A Seat at the Table

When you have a Union, your boss must bargain fairly with you and your co-workers over a Union labor contract that covers wages, work hours, and conditions of work.  Without a Union, workers get only what the boss is willing to give them.  With a Union, management must bargain over important issues like guaranteed rates of pay, holidays, shifts, health benefits, paid breaks, posted jobs, a method for resolving disputes, and more.


The SMART Union is a democratic organization that depends on the participation and service of its members. All of your Union representatives are democratically elected from the membership.  You can vote, and you can also be elected.


When you have a Union, your boss must listen to you on safety issues.  Injuries and workplace deaths are higher in non-union shops – workers there lack protection from the boss if they make complaints, and so they let safety issues go.  In a Union shop, safety issues can be subject to grievance and arbitration.  The SMART Union educates its members on safety, and we demand placement on our employers’ safety committees.