SMART Departments

SMART represents members in a diverse range of industry sectors and occupations, including freight and passenger rail conductors, bus operators, Sheet Metal fabrication and installation, HVAC technicians, sign installers, Production and Manufacturing Facilities, and Shipyards.

Rail & Transit

The SMART Rail & Transit Department represents bus operators and mechanics along with workers on a number of major regional transit providers, including light and heavy rail carriers in major metropolitan areas nationwide.

Sheet Metal

The SMART Sheet Metal Workers Department represents workers who are unique in the construction industry as the only trade that designs, manufactures and installs our own products.


The SMART Production and Manufacturing Department represents workers who produce and manufacture goods from components or raw material with the help of equipment, labor, machines and tools.

Metal Trades/Shipyard

The SMART Metal Trades Workers & Shipyards Department represents workers in local Metal Trades Councils who help to build and strengthen our nation’s defense capabilities both militarily and through energy independence.

Railroad Mechanical and Engineering Department

The SMART Railroad Mechanical and Engineering Department represents mechanical, engineering and transportation workers on passenger rail, short line railroads and every Class 1 railroad in the United States.


SMART is committed to helping our contractors/partners reduce costs, anticipate technical requirements and increase productivity and efficiency.

The SMART Advantage