GP Coleman to SMART-TD NTS attendees: “We will fight for the membership”

SMART General President Michael Coleman addressed attendees at the SMART Transportation Division National Training Seminar (NTS) in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 9th, reiterating the solidarity that powers our union and committing himself fully to winning the pay, dignity, safety [...]

NTS Day 3: America’s transit safer because of union member efforts

The closing session of SMART-TD's 2024 National Training Seminar outlined the impact our members have made, from Washington D.C. to their local properties. The Federal Transportation Administration warned transit union members against becoming complacent: get involved, communicate, and to join the fight for safer bus and passenger rail for everyone.

TD National Training Seminar begins; officers train to confidently represent union members

The 2024 National Training Seminar provides core training for over 700 union officers. They gather to embrace their duty and obligation to do what’s right for our members. Intensive officer training is one reason SMART-TD representation is widely sought by railroad and transit properties nationwide.

SMART-TD transit union conducts first Bus/Transit Day on the Hill

Our transit safety committee and TD legislative leaders took to the U.S. Capitol to share the increasing risks bus and transit operators face every day.