Subrina Sandefur began her sheet metal career in 2000 for SMART Local 20 (Indianapolis, Ind.). She worked at Tarpenning Laffollette Company, where her first position was cleaning the shop. Subrina advanced her skills by learning how to run and maintain machines and equipment in her shop, including C3000 Turret, Mororun2548 Turret and Mazek Laser, and she became the leader of the Cabinet and Rad door department for 10 years, making herself valuable by being a person everyone could count on. ‘

Subrina prides herself on having a solution or answer to problems, being energetic, and being highly efficient at her job. In August 2022, Subrina was the first woman in Local 20 to win the SMACNA Excellence Award. Subrina’s hard work has led her to the foreperson position at her shop. She is also a passionate advocate for women and serves as chair of the Local 20 Women’s Committee.