Annet Del Rosario was born in Orange County, California, and has spent most of her life in San Diego. She began her career in the sheet metal trade in 2002 and later attended the SMART apprenticeship program from 2004-08. Through her hard work during that time, Annet earned the position of shop foreperson/supervisor for Able Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in 2010, a position she holds to this day.

Annet’s strong passion for the construction industry is evident with how actively she works to promote it. Annet currently serves as a VP and E-board member for SMART Local 206. In addition to her involvement at Local 206, Annet saw the need for additional support for tradeswomen, and in 2017, she created Building Trade Sisters (BTS), a local group supporting women of all trades. BTS meets monthly and works collectively towards advancing the presence of women in construction, along with improving work experiences for women in the trades. Annet was honored in July 2022 by NABTU as a Tradeswomen Hero and continues to fight for equality for women across all trades.