SMART TD announces Treasurer’s Workshop for April 2017

February 6, 2017

SMART Transportation Division will be conducting a Treasurer’s Workshop at the SMART TD Headquarters located in North Olmsted, Ohio, April 25-27, 2017.
Attendance will be limited to 35 registrants. Attendees will be accepted on a first-come basis. Those interested in attending are instructed to contact Alyssa Patchin by calling (216) 228-9400, or by email at as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the class.
While all treasurers will likely benefit from this workshop, newly elected treasurers are strongly encouraged to attend. The workshop will provide local treasurers with training on the responsibilities and reporting duties pertaining to the office, including direct receipts and WinStabs. It will also focus on the completion of mandatory filings with the IRS and Department of Labor as well as instructions on completing a monthly billing properly.
Training sessions will be conducted by SMART TD Field Auditors.
If possible, attendees should bring a notebook computer and USB flash drive.
The three-day training session comes at no cost to the local. However, the local is responsible for all expenses associated with the treasurer’s attendance. Lost time or salary, travel, hotel and meal expenses connected with attendance may be reimbursed if pre-approved at a local meeting as an allowable expense.