CAD, Drafting & Detailing

Sheet metal detailing, also known as sketching, is often thought of as CAD (computer-aided drafting). A certified detailer is a skilled commercial HVAC trade person who will advance to provide coordination between the fabricators and the installers from various trades.

You will work with project documents and plans and specifications, take field measurements and create 3-D digital drawings that are transferred into a Building Information Model (BIM) system that is used to help manage a project. BIM is taught at many local training centers throughout the United States and Canada.

CAD can also be used to generate animations and other presentation material to assist in the installation of different components such as those found throughout an air system. It may allow for additional information such as the dimensions of a component, description of the component or reference specifications for the project as well.

Although much of your time is spent indoors working on a computer in an office environment, you will occasionally visit job sites to collaborate with job site superintendents, architects and engineers.

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  • CAD, Drafting & Detailing
  • Freight Rail
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  • HVAC Shop/Fabrication
  • Lagging
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  • Industrial and Shop Welding
  • Yardmaster

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