Bus Operators & Mechanics

Bus operator and mechanic duties vary, depending on whether they drive or work on local buses in cities and suburbs, intercity buses, long-distance buses between states, charter buses on tours or school buses. When drivers report to terminals to get their assignments, they inspect their buses, check the fuel, oil, water and tires, and make sure safety equipment is on board. Expert, careful drivers are constantly alert to prevent accidents.

They must be able to operate at safe speeds while meeting schedules and coping with adverse road and weather conditions.

Driving a bus is usually not physically taxing, but it requires concentration. The driver, solely responsible for the safety of passengers and bus, has a great deal of independence on the job.

Work schedules may be demanding. Intercity drivers may work nights and weekends. New drivers can be on call at all hours, ready to work on short notice. Driving schedules can range from six to 10 hours a day, from three to six days a week. Charter, intercity and long-distance drivers may remain away from home for a night or more.

Bus mechanics are usually employed in company garages or repair shops. They use their knowledge of tools and equipment to keep buses roadworthy and to make major repairs such as rebuilding engines and transmissions and other overhauls.

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