Health and Safety

SMART has no higher priority than fighting for laws, regulations and work rules that ensure that each and every worker across North America returns to their families safely after each day at work.

In the sheet metal industry, SMART established the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT) in 1986.

SMOHIT’s mission is to provide industry-leading health and safety solutions to minimize occupational illnesses and injuries for sheet metal craftspeople

Through SMOHIT, SMART offers the highest quality of safety training available, with the well-being of sheet metal workers the primary focus.

We know that the railroad industry is one of the most dangerous for its thousands of workers, where accidents too often result in career-ending injuries or death. The existence of conditions and practices that put rail worker and public safety at risk is something our organization does not tolerate and wishes to correct.

Danger similarly lurks for bus, commuter, production and transit workers, and that is why our efforts include fighting for safer bus and passenger car construction and increased training in the handling of unruly passengers. Union officers constantly monitor changes to OSHA and other occupational regulations, and addresses reports that come in from members about unsafe conditions that jeopardize them as they work.

In addition to efforts before Congress, state legislatures and regulatory agencies and at the negotiating table to advance workplace safety, dedicated teams from our union study safety issues and participate in the Switching Operations Fatalities Analysis (SOFA) working group and the TD National Safety Team on the SMART Transportation Division side.

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