Over the years, SMART has fought to win competitive wages and benefits for union workers across the U.S. and Canada. From representation to retirement benefits and career development that ensures the future takes you as far as your ambition takes you, SMART not only covers every type of benefit available; in some cases, it has been the first to pioneer their use. Below is a listing and a summary of just a few of the myriad benefits available to you as a member of SMART.

Sheet Metal Benefits

Employment Benefits

Protecting Your Retirement

SMART sheet metal workers have access to defined benefit and defined contribution plans. The Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Fund is the largest defined benefit pension fund, with members contributing and receiving benefits from across the United States. 

Transportation Benefits

TD members are among the best-paid employees in organized labor, and on many properties the union protects seniority rights, meaning that the longer a member works, the better his or her choice of jobs and working locations and protection against layoffs.

Become a SMART Member

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Member Voices

Hear about the union directly from SMART members themselves.

Member Stories: Meet Carol Jones

Longtime Amtrak conductor Carol Jones — who is also a local chairperson with SMART TD Local 1361 out of New Haven, Conn. — shares her story of coming up in the transportation industry and working as a pioneering woman in the passenger rail sector.