Action: Email Your Legislators For H.R. 749 the Passenger Rail Reform and Infrastructure Act

March 3, 2015

safe_imagePlease contact your Congressman and urge them to support a clean version of H.R. 749 the Passenger Rail Reform and Infrastructure Act. (PRRIA)
This important legislation funds and sustains a key component of our national transportation system.
We fully support this legislation despite having concerns that the bill does not provide Amtrak with the funding levels it needs to make needed repairs and upgrades to an aging system. As Amtrak’s annual budget requests have established, its aging fleet needs replacing and the system faces significant and disruptive renovations to tracks, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure in the coming years.
This bill is an important step in bringing long-term stability and investment to America’s passenger rail operations. Once again, we urge you to support a clean PRRIA bill and look forward to working with you to create the transportation network that Americans want and deserve.
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