Apprentices from five states compete in regional contest

June 10, 2022

First-, second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-year apprentices participated in the fifth Northwest Regional Apprentice Contest on April 26-28 in Pasco, Washington. This year, the contest welcomed a combined 32 apprentices from Sheet Metal Workers Local 16 (Portland and Eugene, Oregon); Local 23 (Anchorage, Alaska); Local 55 (Boise, Idaho, and Spokane, Washington); Local 66 (DuPont and Everett, Washington); and Local 103 (Pocatello, Idaho).

Apprentices competed in four categories: architectural sheet metal, HVAC sheet metal, industrial sheet metal/welding and HVAC service.

In the architectural sheet metal category, Joe Kim, Local 23, took first place; Josh Clute, Local 55 (Spokane) took second place; and Diana Loveall, Local 16, took third.

In the HVAC sheet metal category, Nolan Milojevich, Local 16, took first place, with Cody Parrish, Local 55 (Boise), in second place and Kim MacArthur, Local 23, in third place.

Among the industrial sheet metal/welding apprentices, Christian Irving, Local 55 (Boise), took the top spot, with Tanner McFarren, Local 23, in second place and Jared Robeson, Local 16, in third place.

In the HVAC service category, top finishers included Alfred Fleener, Local 23, in first place; Jalen Brooks, Local 16, in second place; and Austin Dragt, Local 66 (DuPont), in third place.