Fortune Magazine highlights the benefits of a union sheet metal career

For graduating high school seniors, conventional knowledge dictates that the most viable career paths require a college degree. But an increasing number of young people are beginning to seek alternatives in the unionized trades – including HVAC technician Tyler Ziztka of SM L [...]

SMOHIT Welcomes New Program Director

This summer, the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust Inc. (SMOHIT) welcomed Aldo Zambetti as program director. Zambetti started in sheet metal in 1980 and spent 20 years at the same company where his father worked his entire 36-year career. Of Zambetti’s own 41-ye [...]

SMART Local 88 Organizer Featured in AFL-CIO Newsletter

SMART Local 88 Organizer Al Lopez was featured earlier this month in the weekly newsletter of the Western Region of the AFL-CIO. Below is the full text of the newsletter’s profile. Congrats Brother Lopez! Al Lopez is a member and organizer for International Association [...]