Community Transit members ratify pact

November 26, 2008

By Vice Baffoni
Vice President, Bus Dept.

Congratulations to Community Transit General Chairperson Calvin Studivant in Newark, N.J., whose members in Local 759 ratified a new contract providing an across-the-board wage increase, an extra holiday with pay, an increase in vacation pay and pension benefits, and no givebacks.

Assisting in the bargaining were Local 759 President David Deleon, Local Chairperson John Bladek, Secretary Antonio Ortiz, and Legislative Rep. Kaleem Muhammad. Assisting in the successful bargaining was New Jersey State Legislative Director Dan O’Connell.

Take note that all UTU locals are in the election cycle. I strongly encourage any member who wishes to serve the members to run for office.

Those who run for office must recognize that they have an obligation to know what their responsibilities to the membership will be, and understand that they must be prepared to sacrifice regarding their personal life.

A union office is much more than a title. It is serving the membership, knowing it is often without compensation, or even a thank you. True union leaders are rewarded by the knowledge that they are serving their membership to the best of their ability.

The UTU is blessed in having countless dedicated men and women who serve their membership in an exemplary manner.

When you, as a member, vote for your local officers, please remember to consider and vote for those individuals who have demonstrated dedication, integrity and a record of serving the membership.

If you elect individuals of this caliber, you will elect a team of officers that will always put you and your brother and sister members first – and that strengthens your local. Have a happy Thanksgiving.