DIPP: Protect against payless paydays

September 16, 2009

By UTU General Secretary & Treasurer Kim Thompson

One of the valuable UTU benefits provided our members is the Discipline Income Protection Program, or DIPP.

The DIPP provides payment for a specific amount and period of time to an employee suspended, dismissed or removed from service by the carrier for alleged violation of rules or operating procedures, provided that the violations do not come within the list of exceptions not covered by the program. The DIPP aids in meeting day-to-day needs when earnings are halted.

Participants choose the level of benefits they desire, from $6 to $200 per day. The term of benefits depends on the length of time the participant is enrolled, and extends from 250 days to a maximum of 365 days.

Monthly assessments are paid through dues check-off, and all UTU members may enroll on a voluntary basis.

The DIPP is a pooled-risk fund whose financial survival depends on a broad base of participants making contributions in order that benefits are available for payment. In fact, the DIPP is the essence of brother and sister helping brother and sister. Participation is protection for you and your UTU brother or sister.

To participate, members should contact their field supervisor or local insurance representative. More information also is available at www.utu.org (click on the “DIPP” link in the grey tile at the top of the home page). You may also download a membership application at the web site.

The DIPP is available only to UTU members and is unique in that it has remained steadfast in looking for ways to pay claims of participants, while non-UTU plans are known to look for ways to avoid paying claims.

The value to members of the DIPP has soared as many carriers, in recent years, have accelerated the discipline they impose.

To better ensure the DIPP is meeting our members’ expectations, we want to hear from those who participate.

If you have been disappointed in any way, we want to know about it so we can improve the plan. Constructive criticism will help us improve our performance and serve members better.

By the same token, excellence should be rewarded. If you have enjoyed outstanding service through the efforts of a local officer, or if you personally know of some exceptional service by a UTU officer, please let us know so that individual may be commended.

We want the DIPP to continue to protect UTU members from payless paydays during a difficult time.

To provide constructive criticism or commend an officer for their efforts in helping you collect benefits, communicate those thoughts to us by e-mail, at, dipp@utu.org, or write a note addressed to DIPP, United Transportation Union, 24950 Country Club Blvd., Suite 340, North Olmsted, OH 44070-5333.