Endorsed Local 100 Candidates

Trish White-Boyd
Trish White-Boyd is our recommendation for State Senate District 4. A current member of the Roanoke City Council, White-Boyd will defend our rights as union members to negotiate together for better wages and benefits. In the state senate, she will advocate for affordable health care, better jobs and equality in the workplace.
Schuyler VanValkenburg
Schuyler VanValkenburg is our recommendation for State Senate District 16. As a delegate, he introduced and passed a bill banning non-compete agreements that penalized workers for finding a better job. He also helped pass the Virginia Voting Rights Act which has made voting more accessible by expanding early voting and making it easier to vote by absentee ballot.
Clinton Jenkins
Clinton Jenkins is our recommendation for State Senate District 17. Jenkins is a member of the House of Delegates who has fought for the working families of Virginia. He helped to pass legislation to increase wages for workers in Virginia, including securing pay hikes for teachers, state employees, state troopers,
and minimum wage workers.
Aaron Rouse
We support Aaron Rouse’s re-election to the State Senate in District 22. As a senator, Rouse has worked diligently to attract better paying jobs to the commonwealth while also increasing job training so that workers can secure these jobs. Rouse will also focus on increasing the availability of affordable housing
and workforce housing.
Danica Roem
Danica Roem is our choice for State Senate District 30. In the senate, Roem will continue to focus on funding more road safety projects and providing better transportation options for commuters and residents. She will ensure these projects will result in more good-paying union jobs. Roem will also
continue to help working families by making sure that we can access affordable health care providers no matter where we live.
Russet Perry
We urge you to vote for Russet Perry for State Senate District 31. As your senator, Perry will defend the right of workers to negotiate together for better wages, benefits and working conditions. She will also fight for working families by pushing to bring down the costs of health care and child care.
Josh Thomas
We urge you to vote for Josh Thomas for delegate in District 21. Thomas knows that we must increase opportunities for working families and make sure Virginia is an affordable place to live. Thomas will fight for affordable housing and improved transportation options. He also believes that we must fully fund our schools and ensure our students have qualified and fairly-paid teachers.
Travis Nembhard
Travis Nembhard is our recommendation for delegate in District 22. Nembhard supports passing a Working Families Bill of Rights, establishing a right to 40 hours of earned sick leave. He also supports paid family leave and universal pre-K. Nembhard knows our public education system needs help and he
will work to increase teacher pay and provide incentives to improve teacher hiring and retention.
Lily Franklin
Lily Franklin is our recommendation for delegate in District 41. Franklin knows that working families are the backbone of our economy. As delegate, she will fight for paid family leave and guaranteed sick leave for workers. Also, as a former teacher, Franklin knows that Virginia needs to do better when it comes to
our public schools. Franklin will fight for increasing teacher pay and for fully funding our schools.
Susanna Gibson
Susanna Gibson is our recommendation for delegate in District 57. Gibson understands that our workers need paid family leave so that new parents don’t have to worry about how to pay the bills during this important time. As a nurse practitioner, Gibson also knows firsthand about the difficulties that Virginians
face when trying to access health care. She will work to make health care more affordable for all.
Rodney Willett
We recommend that you re-elect Rodney Willett for delegate in District 58. Willett has been a strong supporter of working families and he will continue to work to create jobs and to support retraining programs for workers who need to learn new skills. He will also fight to raise wages so that workers in
Virginia can earn a living wage to support their families.
Joshua Cole
Joshua Cole is our recommendation for delegate in District 65. Cole is passionate about making Virginia a better place for working families. As delegate, he voted to increase the minimum wage and he supports workers’ rights and strengthening worker protection rules. He also is a strong advocate for public
education, supports more funding for public schools, and voted to make community college tuition free.
Kimberly Pope Adams
We recommend Kimberly Pope Adams for delegate in District 82. Adams will be a champion for working families. She supports workers’ right to collectively bargain and will fight for paid sick leave for workers.
Further, as a career government auditor, Adams knows how to recognize waste and misuse of taxpayer dollars. As delegate, she will work diligently to make the commonwealth transparent and accountable.
Nadarius Clark
Nadarius Clark is our recommendation for delegate for District 84. As an organizer who has worked with labor leaders throughout the state, Clark will fight for the working families. As delegate, he will fight to repeal Virginia’s right to work laws and will support increasing the minimum wage. Clark also supports
increasing teacher pay in the commonwealth along with fully funding our public schools.
Karen Jenkins
We ask that you vote for Karen Jenkins for delegate for District 89. If elected, Jenkins will work to get policies passed that will allow hard-working families in the commonwealth to live and thrive. As a member of the Suffolk School Board, Jenkins voted to increase wages and provide bonuses to educators
and she will fight for better wages for all workers as a delegate.
Phil Hernandez
Phil Hernandez is our recommendation for delegate for District 94. Hernandez will support policies that will help working families by lowering the cost of health care and childcare. He will fight for higher wages and for the right of workers to engage in collective bargaining for better working conditions. He also will fight to increase wages for our public school teachers and support staff.
Kelly Fowler
We ask that you vote to re-elect Kelly Fowler for District 96. Fowler has represented Virginia Beach in the House of Delegates since 2018 and has supported policies that help working families. This includes increased wages, affordable child care, and better working conditions. As a former elementary school teacher, Fowler knows the importance of a quality public school system. This is why she supports increasing wages for teachers, fully funding our schools and keeping politics out of the classroom.
Michael Feggans
Michael Feggans is our recommendation for delegate in District 97. As a veteran, Feggans wants to provide work training for veterans that will connect them with good-paying jobs in the Virginia Beach area. As the son of a public school teacher, Feggans will work to make sure our public schools have the
funds they need and fight to raise wages for teachers and support staff.