Tell Congress: Listen to Rail Workers

They Are the Backbone of This Nation’s Supply Chain

Use the form on this page to join us in telling members of Congress they should back the people who do the work, rather than the rail industry’s financial overlords, who have recently implemented draconian new attendance policies.

On February 22, 2022, the judge considering the case between BNSF and the SMART-TD and BLET unions over the carrier’s new “Hi-Viz” attendance policy ruled that the dispute was “minor” under the provisions of the Railway Labor Act (RLA).

Rest assured that we are all infuriated. One of the largest and richest corporations in America has been given a free pass to continue forcing its employees to work even when they or their families are sick, and when they are fatigued beyond the point of being able to work safely. BNSF is essentially thumbing its nose at the employees who make them billions of dollars in revenue.