Ask the U.S. Senate to Support Paid Sick Leave for Rail Workers

5pm, 12/1/22 UPDATE: The Concurrent Resolution to give seven paid sick days FAILED on a Senate vote of 52-43 (60 votes were needed for passage). Forty-two of the 43 votes against providing sick days came from Republican senators. The Senate also voted to impose the Tentative Agreement in order to avert a strike. That vote tally was 80 yeas, 15 nays & 1 abstention. 

Congress has made its desire to keep the economy and the country moving at any cost very clear. SMART has been working hard to secure additional gains throughout this unprecedented process, most recently working with congressional leadership to add seven paid sick days to the Tentative Agreement (TA).

The U.S. House passed a resolution on November 30th imposing the TA on rail workers, as well as a separate resolution adding seven paid sick days. It is now up to the U.S. Senate to take up and pass these resolutions. This is a more difficult process, since 60 votes are needed, not a simple majority.

Rail workers’ careers and personal lives have been drastically impacted as a result of the changes made in the industry by Precision Scheduled Railroading, as rail carriers have earned record-shattering profits in recent years. The increased demands by the railroads have taken a toll on workers and their families.

While rail workers do have some vacation time, they have to request in advance to use it and these requests are frequently denied. Paid time off is not allowed to be used to cover sick time. When sick, rail workers typically must work through it or face the consequences of punitive attendance policies.

Please contact your U.S. Senators today and ask them to support rail labor by voting in favor of seven paid sick days.

The railroads are sending their CEOs to Washington D.C. right now to lobby against us. Don’t let the CEOs be the only voice your Senators hear. Fill out the form on this page to send your message right away!

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