Building a Green Future Together

At SMART, our members are qualified professionals and certified tradespeople dedicated to all aspects of architectural cladding, custom sheet metal and complete ventilation systems. This webpage features just a few of the LEED projects our members have built in recent years.

We believe truly sustainable building projects must include the best materials, but also good family-wage careers, expert training and high quality construction done safely. We partner with our signatory contractors across the United States and Canada to supply generations of hands-on experience and a commitment to safety on every project.

Our sheet metal members fabricate and install proper ventilation and air filtering systems to ensure the overall health of our schools, offices, hospitals and homes. Our roofing and architectural members play a vital role in the building envelope by enhancing and protecting your investments. And our manufacturing members build HVAC units and other key building products to meet energy efficient standards.

Together, we are building healthy communities for a better tomorrow.

Children spend a large portion of their day indoors at school. Ensuring that schools are ventilated and have good indoor air quality is critical to protecting and supporting the health and well-being of students and teachers.
Searching for a new career? Consider becoming a sheet metal worker.