Sheet Metal Job Bank

All travelers should carry photo identification, a copy of their current dues receipt, reciprocal cards/information and meet criteria specified by host local. Travelers should also review initial “Request for Workers Form” provided to local unions by the job bank and have their home local union file SASMI papers, if applicable.

If you are a SMART sheet metal member who is out of work and willing to travel to the jurisdiction of other local unions to work, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL UNION OFFICE.

Frequently Asked Questions for Travelers

We have developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist members when exploring their options of traveling for work.  Sometimes members are required to travel out of necessity and sometimes they are called upon by their employer.  Nevertheless, our goal is to minimize your stress when traveling.  Please click on the link above for answers to commonly asked questions.

Traveler’s Checklist

Having a checklist is important and helps save time when traveling for work.  A checklist helps you to stay organized, prepared and avoid unnecessary stress, making the whole process of traveling for work much smoother. Please click on the link above for a checklist to help with your travels.

Talking SMART Podcast

Learn how a wave of new megaprojects is driving expansion of traveler benefits available to SMART sheet metal workers.

Ariz. Chip Plant Megaprojects

An image of the TSMC chip plant project in Phoenix, Arizona
Microchip industry megaprojects, such as the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) chip plant in Phoneix, Ariz., pictured above, are creating hundreds of new jobs for sheet metal workers. (Photo courtesy of TSMC). LEARN MORE >

SMART SM Travelers

Take the next step on your journey towards a rewarding career. Learn how you can become a SMART member.