Meet Samara Sampson

Member Name: Samara Sampson
Local Mumber: 285
Career: Samara is a Journeyperson at SM Workers Local 285.

Meet Danielle Wilson, An Illinois Sheet Metal Worker

SMART Sheet Metal Local 265 broke ground with maternity leave for members included within its benefits package. Danielle Wilson, a four year member of SMART, was one of the first to benefit from this new package.
Member Name: Danielle Wilson
Local Mumber: 265
Career: Sheet Metal Worker

MG – Test one

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Member Name: Test Name
Local Mumber: 05
Career: Testing

Meet Carol Jones

Longtime Amtrak conductor Carol Jones — who is also a local chairperson with SMART-TD Local 1361 out of New Haven, Conn. — shares her story of coming up in the transportation industry and working as a pioneering woman in the passenger rail sector.
Member Name: Carol Jones
Local Mumber: 1361
Career: Amtrak conductor

Martha Holley

Member Name: Martha Holley
Local Mumber: 66
Career: General Foreperson