Not a good week for 2 brain-frozen bus drivers

December 14, 2010

Last week was not a good one for two Midwest bus drivers.

In Urbana, Ill., a transit driver who chose to run smack dab over a snowman lost her job, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The snowman had been built in the middle of a University of Illinois campus street. A YouTube-posted video showed the transit bus “veering toward the snowman and running over it,” reports the newspaper. Another vehicle in the video was seen avoiding the snowman. The bus driver resigned after transit officials viewed the video.

In Portage, Mich., a school bus driver faces drunken driving charges after allegedly having five beers at a bar prior to taking the wheel to transport 36 middle-school honor students on a field trip, according to the Associated Press.

Bar patrons notified police, who pulled over the bus with students aboard, reported the Associated Press. The driver, according to police, tested at twice the legal blood-alcohol limit for operating a motor vehicle. The driver, who was fired, had an earlier drunken driving conviction that went unnoticed in a background check, reported the Associated Press. The driver was fired.