“Nurse line” offers answers to medical questions

January 10, 2013

Members covered by Aetna, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield or UnitedHealthcare seeking information about treatment options, chronic conditions or answers to other health-related questions can call a “nurse line” for answers 24 hours a day, every day.

This free service can help you with losing weight, managing stress, quitting tobacco and much more. More importantly, the nurse line offers you information, motivation, encouragement, and the one-on-one support that can make a real difference in your health: to stay well, get well or manage a health condition.

You or one of your dependents can call your plan’s nurse line for:

1. Learn about any health topic that concerns you;

2. Change a behavior, like smoking or overeating, that affects your overall health;

3. Gather information about a recent diagnosis;

4. Learn about symptoms for certain illnesses and diseases;

5. Find out about your medications;

6. Understand an upcoming test or procedure;

7. Make an informed medical or surgical health care decision;

8. Follow through with a treatment plan;

9. Manage a chronic condition, like asthma or diabetes, more effectively;

10. Understand treatment options;

11. Learn how to handle symptoms to avoid emergency room visits;

12. Find ways to reduce risks associated with the condition. 

To take advantage of this valuable resource, simply call the number on the back of your medical identification card anytime, or refer to the numbers below:Aetna: (800) 556-1555

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield: (888) BLUE-428

UnitedHealthcare: (866) 735-5685