SMART and NEMI commend new building energy efficiency standards

June 6, 2024

SMART and NEMI applaud the Biden administration for its commitment to improving building energy efficiency. This commitment will help cut building energy costs, benefit our environment and create jobs for the skilled and certified SMART sheet metal workers who can get the job done. Energy efficiency and indoor air quality (IAQ) goals will only be achieved if heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units function as designed. And verifying that these systems operate as intended can only be assured if they are installed, tested and maintained by skilled, trained, and certified professionals and technicians. To help meet the U.S. Department of Energy’s new standards, we are committed to the following:

SMART is committed to increasing awareness of how improper installation and maintenance can affect occupant health and performance, reduce indoor air quality and increase costly energy consumption by facilities throughout the United States.

NEMI is committed to creating and maintaining the highest quality training and associated ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) accredited ISO/IEC 17024 personnel certifications for the HVAC industry, to ensure the training and certifications remain relevant and meet the needs of the Biden administration now and in the future.

SMART and NEMI will work together to reevaluate and modernize the certifications needed to meet this building definition. This includes the International Training Institute (ITI) and International Certification Board (ICB) certifications that promote healthy and energy efficient buildings, such as Building Envelope Installer, Duct Air Leakage Testing, Fume Hood Performance Testing, Indoor Air Quality – Ventilation Verification, TAB Technician and Supervisor, TABB Commissioning, TABB Sound and Vibration, and Total Building Energy Auditing.