SMART Statement on White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment Report

February 7, 2022

Washington, DC—Today the White House Task Force on Worker Organizing and Empowerment released a report with nearly 70 recommendations to aid worker organizing and collective bargaining. In response, SMART issued the following statement.

“President Biden is living up to his commitment to deliver for working people. This report outlines significant actions the administration must take to advance worker voice and empowerment to ensure our federal government and its resources serve as a model. These actions will significantly help our union members and the communities they serve by making sure our tax dollars support American-made goods produced by workers in America and promoting utilization of registered apprenticeship programs, community benefit agreements, project labor agreements, local hire provisions and other responsible contracting and work conditions in federal programs. Further, the federal government is committed to eliminating barriers to union eligibility for federal grants and contracts, fixing longstanding misclassification issues, and increasing worker voice in decisions by ensuring unions have a seat at federal advisory tables. We stand ready to work with the federal government to quickly implement the recommendations laid out in the report so workers and our communities immediately reap the benefits of better goods and services and improved pay, benefits and working conditions.”