SMOHIT Welcomes New Program Director

March 15, 2022

This summer, the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust Inc. (SMOHIT) welcomed Aldo Zambetti as program director.

Zambetti started in sheet metal in 1980 and spent 20 years at the same company where his father worked his entire 36-year career. Of Zambetti’s own 41-year career, he worked in the field for 20 years, 16 of those years as a full-time apprentice instructor and training coordinator for Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 in Philadelphia, his home local.

In 2014, he accepted a position as field staff representative with the International Training Institute (ITI), the educational arm of the unionized sheet metal industry, where he oversaw 35 training centers in the northeast United States. In addition to being the in-house authority on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), he also is an OSHA master trainer.

“My new job is to enhance and maintain programs that SMOHIT offers,” Zambetti said. “I will be focusing on pulling together all the threads of job site safety: the physical safety, illness prevention and mental safety.”

Zambetti began his new job by spending a significant amount of time on SMOHIT’s suicide prevention measures and integrating those efforts into the SMART Member Assistance Program (MAP). He’s also working on the SMOHIT website to make sure necessary resources are readily available to members.

“I thought I really enjoyed my job before,” Zambetti said. “But this new job brought my enjoyment to a whole new level. I really like that now I’m able to help members and their families. It’s just awesome.”