S&T Making Cents newsletter: January 2020

January 13, 2020

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It’s time to get the TAR in order

The SMART Constitution requires the Treasurer’s Annual Report (TAR) to be presented to the membership and then filed at the start of the calendar year. Local trustees are to assemble this month to perform an annual audit of a Local’s finances and review the receipts and disbursements for the prior year before signing the report. The report is then presented at the Local’s next meeting and copies are filed and submitted to the SMART-TD offices before a Feb. 20 deadline.

The 2019 TAR has substantial differences from past years. Historically, the TAR simply generated a high-level financial overview of a local’s books, but over the last several years the Field Support Team has seen an increase in locals that get behind on other required business-related duties. This revised TAR will flag items that are not getting completed to help a Local catch up on its bookkeeping.

Local Treasurers can work along with Trustees to review these items and formulate a plan for fixing them as part of the report to the SMART-TD office. Additionally, this will allow Field Support to identify Locals needing additional assistance earlier so that catching up and getting into compliance is not a monumental undertaking.

The revised TAR will be more detailed and include other action items that should be reviewed and signed off on by Local Trustees and show a better, more detailed position of the Local’s fiscal outlook along with its compliance with SMART constitutional and federal requirements.

With the changes, S&Ts and local officers should note that the revised TAR will only be available via the WinStabs-NMR software. There is no longer a paper form. If you have not yet started using WinStabs-NMR, contact the Field Audit Support Team IMMEDIATELY.

New information has been posted on the S&T Tools page of the SMART-TD website to help you along in this process under the “Required Reports” header. These guides to completing the TAR include:

Other steps will help you to make composing the report easier. These include:

  • Having documentation of 2019’s Local meetings and the physical assets of the Local.
  • Having the Local’s EFTPS PIN handy or establishing an account via EFTPS.gov.
  • Checking that Treasurer info is accurate and current.
  • Reviewing LCA Maintenance, updating the task list, keeping and reconciling checking and savings statements and being current on eBills in WinStabs-NMR.

While the changes in this year’s TAR require adjustments on the part of Local officers, these differences will help your Local to emerge from the process with a clearer view of where the Local stands from a money perspective.

Your guide to the year ahead

The essential guide to keeping track of your local’s finances is now available on the TD website.

The 2020 treasurer’s month-to-month guide serves as a checklist that goes step by step through the year showing what deadlines need to be met in order to make your job easier and to keep Local finances running smoothly.

Follow the link to download it from the SMART-TD website.

January 2020

Important dates

• Jan. 20 — Registration deadline for Kansas City, Mo., workshops.

• Jan. 27-29 — S&T workshop in Kansas City, Mo.

• Jan. 30 — Local president/trustee workshop in Kansas City, Mo.

Before Jan. 31 —
• OE-1a report due
[More info]
• Quarterly Form 940 (FUTA) taxes must be deposited (FICA only) via EFTPS.
[More info]
• Quarterly Form 941 taxes due via EFTPS.
[More info]
• Quarterly Form 944 due (if notified by IRS) via EFTPS.
[More info]
• W-2s due to employees

• By Feb. 20 — Treasurer’s annual report (TAR) for 2019 and Local President Financial Oversight forms due to TD.

Completed reports can be submitted directly from WinStabs-NMR or send a copy of the signed and dated form to the TD office.

(For OE-1a reports, email oe1a@group.smart-union.org)

Field Support Department

SMART Transportation Division
24950 Country Club Blvd.,
Suite 340
North Olmsted, OH 44070


Visit the S&T Tools page on the SMART TD website for guidance on getting the job done!

Still not sure?

Call the Field Support Help Desk at 216-227-5444. Drop-in help desk hours are 9a-5p (Central Time) M-W-F. Help desk appointments can be scheduled in advance for Tuesdays, Thursdays, weekends, and evenings. Call or email fieldauditor@
to schedule an appointment.

Training opportunities for Local officers

Workshop offerings are being finalized for S&Ts who are interested in learning the ins-and-outs of running the finances of your Local.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • Using TD Connect
  • WinStabs
  • Creating required reports
  • Financial pitfalls to avoid

The first workshop for S&Ts in Kansas City, Mo., scheduled for Jan. 27 to 30 has been filled. A second workshop on Jan. 30 for Local Presidents and Trustees to better understand their fiscal role in the Local has limited space remaining ahead of the Jan. 20 registration deadline.

Additional workshops in 2020 are in the process of being finalized in Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and New Orleans as well as one planned during the Cleveland Regional Meeting in August.

Details and registration information for all workshops will be posted to the Training & Events section of the S&T Tools page on the SMART TD website as well as emailed out through the Making Cents enewsletter. Don’t miss out on these chances to expand or refresh your knowledge of the duties of your office!