Following suit with the other General Committees of Norfolk Southern, General Chairperson Dan Weir (GO-348), and General Chairperson Joe Borders (GO-346), representing yardmasters on Norfolk Southern properties, announced that on June 2 they reached an agreement with the carrier to provide quality-of-life enhancements for all Norfolk Southern yardmasters.

NS yardmasters will be granted, effective Jan. 1, 2023, and continuing each year after, four paid sick days to be used during the calendar year with unused sick days being paid out at the end of the year. In addition to the four paid sick days, NS yardmasters will be allowed to use up to three personal leave days or single days of vacation as paid sick days after a yardmaster has exhausted the annual sick leave provided in the agreement.

To further enhance this agreement, NS yardmasters’ personal leave days, due but not taken, will be allowed to be carried over to the following year and accumulated without a cap on the number of days that can be banked. NS yardmasters in good standing or whose employment status has been terminated may elect to receive payment for all or any portion of accumulated personal leave days. In the event of the death of the yardmaster, the personal leave days accumulated will be paid to the member’s estate.

Both General Chairman Weir and Borders, along with Alternate Vice President Chris Bartz agreed early on that they would stand firm to get the best possible agreement for the yardmaster craft on Norfolk Southern regarding sick pay. After numerous negotiations, calls and deliberations, the agreement was reached.

GCs Borders and Weir thanked both SMART-TD President Jeremy Ferguson and Alt. VP Bartz for their leadership and guidance in getting a positive agreement for the membership.