The Truth About the ABC

October 7, 2014

abcThe Associated Builders and Contractors, a strongly anti-union, anti-worker contractor group, has lobbied against improvements in workplace standards and jobsite safety for years while keeping construction workers’ wages depressed.  When its not lobbying against the hiring of veterans on construction sites, the group interferes in local construction decision making processes by filing frivolous lawsuits when its members lose out on bids.
The State Building and Construction Trades Council of California has recently produced an excellent and  compelling video that pulls back the curtain from the slick public relations efforts of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and exposes the true nature of its destructive business model.  From striving to keep wages low in the construction industry, to making virtually no investments in apprenticeship training and workforce development, the ABC has for generations been an anathema to preserving middle class standards for careers in the construction industry.
This hard hitting video lifts the veil around this group and exposes it for its’ hypocrisy.