UTU General Counsel Clint Miller to retire

February 3, 2012

Clint Miller

UTU General Counsel Clint Miller will retire Nov. 1 at age 65. Until then, he will relinquish his daily office duties and serve as a consultant, on an as-needed basis, to International President Mike Futhey and the law department staff.

Miller has been a fixture in the UTU law department for 27 years – 21 of them as UTU general counsel.

“I have enjoyed my 27-year tenure with the UTU, and my work on behalf of rail labor over the past 32 years, because the job has permitted me to have a role in making the lives of working people better,” Miller said. “I have been fortunate in working for the UTU and have served with the finest officer corps at every level, and the finest employees in all of transportation labor.”

UTU International President Mike Futhey said: “In Clint Miller, the UTU has had a lawyer with the best interests of the membership at heart, and we look forward to the continued availability of his consulting services until his Nov. 1 retirement.”