Virginia 2PC bill heading to governor

February 21, 2024

Parliamentary procedures between the two chambers of the Virginia Legislature concluded Tuesday, and a two-person crew bill now awaits the governor’s signature.

“It was a big day and a big win in our state for rail safety for the public and the men and women who work on the railroad in Virginia,” Virginia State Legislative Director Ronnie Hobbs said.

According to Hobbs, the timeline for the governor to take action will progress in one of two ways. If Gov. Glenn Youngkin receives the bill while the Legislature remains in session, he has seven days to sign the bill and then a two-person crew minimum crew size will be the law.

If the bill is submitted to Youngkin after the Legislature concludes its business, Youngkin will have 35 days to act.

“I appreciate all the hard work our members have done — we’ll want one more major push by all of our Virginia SMART members to make sure the governor puts pen to paper to protect the public and workers,” Hobbs said.

Members are encouraged to send a message to Gov. Youngkin through the Legislative Action Center (LAC) letting him know that signing the bill is the correct course of action to keep safe train operations on Virginia’s rails.

The bill was supported by state Delegate Shelly Simonds in the House and state Sen. Jennifer Carroll Foy in the Senate.