Vote for those who support us

September 21, 2016

Sisters and Brothers,
My most recent post generated some lively feedback and I spent quite a bit of time speaking to members on the phone and answering all the emails I received about our endorsement Of Hillary Clinton for president. To be clear, my role and our union’s role is to protect you and your job, which is what we do. Our constitution requires that our leadership evaluate candidates and make endorsements of those that we believe will best support our jobs and safety in our industry and that’s what we do. Our union’s only reason for existence is to fight for our members, and that’s what we do. We are your union and we do the best we can on issues that are directly related to you job.
Click here to read a good piece by John Nichols on what the Republican platform says about workers and unions. I attended the Republican convention and spoke to moderate Republicans who tried in vain to remove this anti-worker garbage from the Republican platform. We are up against forces that want to deunionize America so that they can drive down wages and eliminate defined benefit pension plans. We are fighting every day to try to make sure that doesn’t happen.
In solidarity,
John Risch
National Legislative Director
SMART Transportation