Wash., Mo., Va. legislative updates

February 4, 2013

Transportation funding in Missouri has been a hot topic at the state capital this session, State Legislative Director Ken Menges reports.

In its last session, the Missouri legislature appointed a committee to study the state’s transportation needs and UTU was invited and made a presentation.

There are now bills introduced that will ask voters to approve a one-cent sales tax dedicated to transportation and that will allow for the sale of bonds to cover future transportation projects.

Click here to read a Missouri Times article entitled “Transportation Emerging as Key Issue, Sales Taxes Proposed.” 

In the state of Washington, representatives have introduced two bills critical to UTU members. 

The Railroad Crew Van Safety bill’s prime sponsor is Rep. Derek Stanford and has the support of both the chairperson of the House Transportation Committee and the ranking republican on the committee. 

The Yardmaster Hours of Service bill is sponsored by Rep. Larry Haler (R). The bill has been referred to the House Labor Committee. 

“It took a large amount of work and we have succeeded in getting bipartisan support on both of these issues,” said Washington State Legislative Director Herb Krohn. “Please print and post these bills and get them to our membership as soon as possible.”

The bills are HB1620 (Crew Van Safety Bill) and HB1621 (Yardmaster Hours of Service Bill).

See these bills on the Washington State Legislature website at: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo.

The Virginia Senate defeated a resolution that would have referred to the ballot a measure to put the state’s right to work (for less) law into the constitution.

SJ 293 was killed on a party-line 20-20 vote. The Lieutenant Governor was unable to break the tie because he is not allowed to vote on constitutional amendments.

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