$1 dues hike sought to fund 2014 conventions

October 11, 2012

As the initial SMART Transportation Division convention will be held in 2014 – one year earlier than a UTU quadrennial convention that no longer will take place owing to the merger – plus a second SMART convention, UTU delegates are being asked to approve a $1 monthly International dues increase to be deposited into the convention fund.

The increase, if approved by delegates, will become effective Feb. 1, 2013.

Delegates will be participating in two conventions in 2014 – the Transportation Division convention and the initial SMART convention.

In a letter to UTU delegates, UTU International President Mike Futhey said:

“Not only will the time between the 2011 UTU convention and these conventions be reduced from the usual four year period, delegates will be participating in two separate conventions in 2014. Obviously, the total expenses are expected to increase substantially and available funds will be insufficient due to the shortened time period.

“As a result, the UTU Board of Directors voted to present to the delegates the $1 dues increase to be placed in the convention fund. The UTU board said it is their recommendation “to adopt the needed increase assuring your voice will be heard.”

Delegates have until Nov. 30 to return their ballots.