A message to veterans from President Ferguson

November 11, 2022

Today and every day, I always take a moment to acknowledge and thank our SMART Transportation Division members who are fellow veterans of the United States military.

Our veterans are a source of pride to our organization for what they have contributed and sacrificed for the good of our union as well as our country. As a U.S. Army veteran, I hold a great affinity and a greater respect for the commitment our veterans made to a higher cause while in the military and then afterward to what your experience contributes to our union. Your leadership skills and emphasis on teamwork are in many ways the glue that holds our SMART-TD together in the face of the challenges we deal with on a daily basis.

We urge all of our SMART-TD military veterans to let us know the details of their military careers via the SMART app or Member Portal so that we can continue to recognize and amplify the importance of our veterans to our union. We also continue to periodically update our Veterans Services page with resources that may be beneficial to you and all our American heroes who work among us.

One of the key goals of my administration remains to give our military veterans the recognition they deserve for having answered the high call of defending the freedoms that we enjoy. Please encourage your fellow veterans in the union to communicate information about their service via the SMART app or Member Portal so they may be given the credit they appropriately deserve.

Each and every veteran should feel a sense of appreciation and honor on Veterans Day. On behalf of SMART Transportation Division, I offer my thanks to you and all U.S. military veterans for your and their service.


Jeremy Ferguson
President — Transportation Division
U.S. Army, 1988-1991

Services, discounts and events

As an annual tradition, many businesses provide free services or discounts to veterans and there are a number of events nationwide honoring veterans. Please see the links below to some of those that are available this year.