BNSF posts 2nd quarter financial results

August 8, 2018

BNSF released their second-quarter earnings of 2018. The railroad saw increases across the board.

  • Net Earnings: Increased by 37 percent to $1.3 billion from $958 million
  • Revenue: Increased 12 percent from $5.25 billion to $5.87 billion
  • Operating Income: Increased 6 percent to $1.88 billion from $1.77 billion
  • Operating Ratio: Increased to 66.8 percent from 65.3 percent

Click here to view BNSF’s full earnings report.

  • Operating ratio is a railroad’s operating expenses expressed as a percentage of operating revenue, and is considered by economists to be the basic measure of carrier profitability. The lower the operating ratio, the more efficient the railroad.
  • All comparisons are made to 2017’s second quarter financial results.