Canadian Roofing Apprentices Receive Factory Training on New Product

August 8, 2018

At the recently held Canadian Roofing Contest, held in Victoria B.C. July 7th & 8th, apprentices got the opportunity to get some hands-on training on the new Soprema SBS cold application systems.  Thanks to Bill Bowers of Convoy supply, who arrange for Soprema Technician, Bogdan Kurowski to be available, and supplied the space, materials and mock -up, the apprentice spent an afternoon learning about this new system
Bogdan demonstrated the installation of Sopra board onto the plywood deck of the mock-up and proper use of Elastocol primer to adhere Sopralene stick 40 base sheet. The apprentices had a chance to use the product including the use of a hot air welder to weld the seams.
With the base sheet and stripping complete, Bogdan demonstrated the proper procedure for adhering the cap sheet, Sopralene stick Hr Gr again using the Elastocol primer.  Detailing of the Cap Sheet at the laps requires special attention and the use of Soprema’s  Comply trowel grade adhesive  and also welding of the seams. 
After Bogdan’s demonstration the apprentices took turn doing the lap details.  When the mock up was complete Bogdan took time to explain other specific details of the system such as adding a vent or curb to an existing roof with this product.
Appreentice take turns working with cap sheet untill mock up is completed