Sheet metal and TD members have hands in UBS Arena project

On Sept. 9, SMART General President Joseph Sellers and a delegation of union officials including SM Local 28 (NYC & Long Island- BT) Business Manager Eric Meslin, Business Manager Dante Dano from Local 137 (NYC Sign) and Alt. Vice President/General Chairperson Anthony Sim [...]

SMART members got each other’s backs!

SMART members from across the United Sates and Canada are taking action in the I Got Your Back Challenge by posting photos of themselves with their mentors at work and displaying the solidarity that makes our Union strong. The I Got Your Back Campaign took off this August wit [...]

Your Commitment Pushes Us Forward

Brothers and sisters: It’s hard to believe that we’re three-quarters of the way through 2021. With the changing of the seasons into autumn, it seems like an opportune time to outline a few of the positive changes we’re making to better serve you. Responsiveness to members’ sa [...]

Moving Forward With a Minority — Power to the Workers!

Canada’s unions are calling on all levels of government to provide adequate support for workers and their families as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic reverberate in communities throughout the nation. As the dust settles on an unnecessary and uncalled-for federal election [...]