President Biden signs executive order expanding PLAs

President Joe Biden signed a historic executive order on February 4 during a visit to Ironworkers Local 5 in Maryland, ensuring the policy of the federal government will be to use Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) for its large-scale construction projects (worth $35 million or [...]

Local 46 members have each other’s back

Jeremy Woolley, left, and Keith Haas. Since SMART’s “I Got Your Back” campaign began last summer, members across North America have taken action: sharing photos of themselves with their mentors at work and displaying the solidarity that makes our union strong. In March 2022, [...]

General Committee 1 merged into General Committee 2

Effective March 1, 2022, General Committee 1 was merged into General Committee 2, and General Committee 2 now has jurisdiction with respect to organizing, collective bargaining agreements, wages, hours, conditions of employment and jurisdictional matters over all of the local [...]

Delivering for Canadians now!

Throughout the past federal election and since, SMART and unions across Canada have urged parties to put people before politics. We can finally say that two parties, the Liberals and New Democrats, have delivered and united together to form a governing majority. While Conserv [...]

N.J. SLD recognized for leadership, tapped to lead economic coalition

New Jersey State Legislative Director Ron Sabol received a big honor March 2, after being elected to lead the influential New Jersey Society for Environmental, Economic Development (NJ SEED) coalition by the group’s trustees and members. N.J. Sen. Patrick J. Diegnan Jr., chai [...]