Infrastructure Bill Signals Progress

After years of false starts, President Biden signed America’s most impactful infrastructure bill in its history. Delivered on bipartisan votes in both the Senate and House of Representatives, the Infrastructure Bill will provide $1.2 Trillion in infrastructure funding over th [...]

The Great Resignation

We are in the age of the Great Resignation. No matter what you hear about it, this has always been avoidable. Everywhere you look, there are stories about employers struggling to hire and retain workers. We see reports about retail stores and restaurants slashing hours and cl [...]

SMART: I Got Your Back

Michael Wilson is a new SM Local 206 (San Diego, Calif.) member working at the new San Marcos Medical Center in San Marcos, Calif. He recently shared how much he is enjoying his new career and learning every day from his journeyperson, Troy Lewis, who has been a union sheet m [...]

President Biden Delivers On Infrastructure

President Joe Biden signed on Nov. 15 the Infra­structure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) that will expand work opportunities for Union sheet metal workers rebuilding America’s schools and public buildings as well as boost U.S. passenger rail service, lead to improved safety m [...]

SMART Women Hold 2021 Caucus

On November 20, SMART women from across Canada and the United States along with supporters and allies held the second annual Virtual SMART Women’s Caucus.  This year’s keynote speaker was Liz Shuler who drew upon her experiences rising up through the ranks of the Interna [...]

SASMI Covid Benefit

Effective January 1, 2022, SASMI will offer two new COVID-related benefits: a Vaccination Benefit and an Interference with Work Benefit Vaccination Benefit To encourage all participants to receive a vaccination to protect against COVID-19, members ($200) and their covered eli [...]