Growing Support for Unions Offers New Opportunities to Grow Our Movement

Now is the time to capitalize on growth in the union sector. For the first time in my lifetime, we have a true champion in the White House who is pushing for the labor movement. In only his first 100 days in office, President Biden mentioned unions in his speeches 62 times. T [...]

Local 20 welcomes longtime Indiana contractor

Commercial Air Inc. (CAI) is and has been a staple in the Indianapolis and Lafayette areas of Indiana for 40 years. Founded by Tim Gatewood in 1981, the company has been primarily focused on HVAC systems for government facilities, K–12 schools and colleges and universities. B [...]

The first 100 days: How the Biden-Harris Administration is winning for workers

“Strong unions built the great American middle class. Everything that defines what it means to live a good life and know you can take care of your family — the 40-hour workweek, paid leave, health care protections, a voice in your workplace — is because of workers who o [...]

PRO Act Would Strengthen U.S. Labor Laws, Protect Workers

American workers have a legal right to organize and form a union under federal labor law. Unfortunately, U.S. labor laws are some of the mostly weakly enforced among all industrialized nations, meaning anti-union employers too often take advantage of lax enforcement and viola [...]