Kentucky Republicans Push New Right-to-Work Law Through Committee

On the first day of the state’s new legislative session, Republican members of Kentucky’s House Economic Development and Workforce Investment Committee approved House Bill 1, a law requiring unions to negotiate for and represent people even when they refuse to pay [...]

Republicans plan attacks on unions’ political power

According to an article published by The Hill, Republicans are planning a renewed attack on the political power held by unions via the passing of right-to-work and other unfavorable laws. This comes in the wake of the GOP victories across the country in November giving Republ [...]

WV Judge Rules Against Right-to-Work

Earlier this year, Republicans in the West Virginia legislature voted to turn the state into a Right-to-work state. This week organized labor got its first shot at fighting back. The AFL-CIO and 10 other union groups successfully attained an injunction that blocks the state’s [...]

Unions In WI and WV Challenge RTW

Eleven unions filed petitions in a local W.Va. court arguing that the state’s new “Right-to-work” law amounts to an illegal seizure of their property and resources. The bill was vetoed by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, however, his veto was overrode by a Republican majority in th [...]

Momentum shifting in state battles

It’s not just federal elections that have an impact on working families. As we were reminded all too well in places like Wisconsin and Michigan, state and local elections can have far reaching consequences. For the past six years, working families have been placed on the defe [...]

Right-to-work proposal introduced in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A Cincinnati, Ohio lawmaker introduced his plan to bring a right-to-work law to Ohio despite opposition from fellow Republicans. The proposal from Rep. Tom Brinkman (R-Mount Lookout) would prohibit mandatory union membership at workplaces. The change would gi [...]

‘Right-to-work’ bill being drawn up in Ohio House

Columbus, Ohio – An Ohio lawmaker said he plans to introduce a “right-to-work” bill that would prohibit private-sector labor union membership as a condition of employment. State Rep. Tom Brinkman said Wednesday that his bill, which he plans to introduce next month [...]

Sponsor may drop Oregon right-to-work bill after ruling

The sponsor of a proposed ballot measure aimed at making union dues voluntary for public employees may well drop the initiative after receiving a politically unpalatable ballot title. Portland attorney Jill Gibson said she is leaning toward abandoning the proposal after the O [...]