Safety over profit: Act now! Urge Ohio Transportation Committee to support 2-person crew bill!

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The first step in the process to mandate a minimum of two-person freight train crews in Ohio (H.B. 107) occurred Wednesday, March 29, when the Ohio Transportation & Safety Committee held its first hearing on the bill. To make H.B. 107 a law in Ohio, [...]

Study shows the decline of unions causing rise in economic inequality in Midwest

SMART TD  is sharing a recent study released by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, which highlights the economic impact of declining unionization over the past decades across states in the Midwest. The study found that as [...]

Who’s Behind National Right to Work?

Who’s behind right-to-work? Ignoring the facts about “right-to-work,” far-right politicians across the country are promoting these deceptive policies as payback to their Big Business donors. By weakening workers’ ability to have a say about their job, right to work weakens un [...]