Mid-January national negotiations update

Following an eighth negotiating session in mid-January with the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC), UTU International President Mike Futhey said, “We continue to make progress through interest-based bargaining toward developing a common framework recog [...]

National rail talks: November update

The UTU’s negotiating committee and railroads party to the national rail agreement — affecting some 40,000 UTU members — have met seven times since the contract came open for amendment Jan. 1. “Nothing has been agreed to, but progress is being made on [...]

National rail talks: October update

The UTU and railroads party to the national rail agreement will meet next week and again in mid-November in continuing negotiations aimed at amending a contract covering wages, benefits and working conditions. These will be the sixth and seventh negotiating sessions between t [...]

National rail contract talks update

National rail contract talks are continuing between the UTU and the National Carriers’ Conference Committee (NCCC). The NCCC represents BNSF, CSX, Kansas City Southern, Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and numerous smaller carriers. Four negotiating sessions have been co [...]

Interest-based bargaining key to success

By Retired GS&T Dan Johnson In the January issue of UTU News, the two-page centerfold summarized provisions of the Railway Labor Act. In the February issue, I explained how the Railway Labor Act is purposely designed to encourage both sides to reach a mutually acceptable [...]

National rail contract negotiators named

The UTU national rail contract negotiating team has been named by UTU International President Mike Futhey, who will serve as the UTU’s chief negotiator. Other members of this bargaining round’s negotiating committee include Assistant President Arty Martin; Interna [...]

As we begin national rail negotiations …

By UTU International President Mike Futhey As we begin this new round of bargaining with the railroads to amend our national rail contract, I am optimistic we will reach an equitable outcome — an agreement that benefits both parties. The carriers and their contract empl [...]