Important Information about atorvastatin tablets

December 14, 2012

Due to a manufacturing issue with one of the nation’s largest suppliers of atorvastatin, shortages may occur.

Express Scripts is working diligently to secure supplies and minimize any impact to you.

In an effort to continue providing you with atorvastatin, Express Scripts may take the following actions until the supply returns to normal:

•It may automatically reduce your prescription amount down to a 30-day supply and adjust your copayment or coinsurance until supply returns to normal.

•When your next refill is due, Express Scripts will automatically ship your prescription for additional supply.  If you do not wish Express Scripts to automatically ship your next order, you must call them to opt out of automatically refilling your prescription.  If you do not notify Express Scripts differently, your atorvastatin will be shipped to you every 30 days until this supply issue is resolved.

•If your prescription is reduced, Express Scripts will resume dispensing atorvastatin in the full days supply as originally written on the prescription, once the supply returns to normal.