Most eligible for $2,000 death benefit

September 16, 2011

If you retired from railroad service on or after April 1, 1967, you may be eligible for a $2,000 retiree life insurance benefit.
Benefits are administered by MetLife for all retirees from railroads participating in the National Railway Carriers’ / UTU Health & Welfare Plan and the Railroad Employees’ National Health and Welfare Plan (formerly GA-23000).
To file a claim, or to obtain a change-of-beneficiary card, call the following toll-free number:

MetLife 1 (800) 310-7770.

Those who retire on disability are urged to contact MetLife soon after their retirement to ensure their eligibility for this benefit.
Retirees are urged to keep this notice with their other important documents and to keep the designated beneficiary up to date.
When filing a claim, it will be very helpful to know the date the employee last worked, the name of the employing railroad, and the employee’s Social Security number. These items will assist in the prompt processing of claims.