New Year’s Message from John Previsich

January 4, 2016


As we remember 2015, we recall the moments that have defined the past year and look forward to forging a stronger path in the new year.

In these uncertain times, let us remember our Brothers and Sisters who came before us: all of those who stood united in the face of danger and against all odds—all of those who stood unified for the greater good. Their sacrifice, solidarity and resolve brought justice to the workplace, security for working families, and is the foundation of our country.

In these first few days of 2016, we stand united, and we stand with the spirit of those who walked the path before us. We carry the commitment to fight the good fight, and together, we welcome the brand new year with a sense of renewed hope, strength, gratitude and solidarity.

 I wish all Members and their families a happy and healthy new year.

 It was working men and women who made the 20th century the American century. It was the labor movement that helped secure so much of what we take for granted today.  The 40-hour work week, the minimum wage, family leave, health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, retirement plans.  The cornerstones of the middle-class security all bear the union label—President Barack Obama