No increase to 2024 H&W contributions for rail members in national plans​

November 1, 2023

SMART-TD announces that there will be no increase to the monthly health & welfare contributions for eligible railroad members for all of 2024. On November 1, 2023, SMART-TD President Jeremy Ferguson emailed notification to all affected members with email addresses on file. The text of the letter appears below:

All National Health & Welfare Plan Members 

SMART Transportation Division 

RE: 2024 Monthly Health & Welfare Cost-Sharing Contributions 

Dear Brothers and Sisters: 

Last week, representatives from SMART-TD, along with representatives from 11 other participating railway labor organizations and members of the National Carriers’ Conference Committee, held their annual meeting to review and set the current and projected costs for health and welfare coverage under our nationally negotiated agreements. 

I am pleased to announce that for 2024, the parties have agreed to maintain the current monthly employee cost-sharing contribution of $309.21. This is made possible due to more favorable medical claim costs than were projected at this time last year, and several other measures that have been taken by both labor and management to control healthcare costs. 

With that being said, it is reasonable to expect modest increases in future years, which is typical with all group health and welfare plans. Nonetheless, SMART-TD remains committed to responsibly co-managing our healthcare plans and exploring methods to limit future costs, without negatively impacting our members’ benefits. 

This issue will also undoubtedly come up in our next round of national bargaining, which will begin on January 1, 2025. In mid-2024, we will begin reaching out to our members and seeking your input on any proposed changes to our healthcare plans (as well as any other issues) that should be brought to the table. We look forward to receiving your feedback at that time. 

Meanwhile, the retention of our current $309.21 monthly contribution in 2024, which is more than $30.00 lower than our 2022 estimates, serves as a testament to our members’ responsible utilization of our benefits, as well as our leadership’s determination to responsibly manage our health and welfare plans. 

With best wishes for a rewarding and healthy 2024, and with sincere gratitude for your continued interest and support for our great Union, I remain 

Fraternally yours, 

Jeremy R. Ferguson 

President – Transportation Division

 A PDF of this announcement is below.